Always Open WRs take the NFL DRAFT BY STORM THIS YEAR!!!

Here are a list of D-Rob Clients who got drafted/or signed this past weekend! We had 25 WRs in this years 2019 NFL Draft and 19 of them signed with an NFL Team!!! I am very proud of you guys!!! 

1.Marquis Brown Oklahoma WR 1st. Rd. 25th Pick Baltimore Ravens

2. Deebo Samuell S.Carolina WR 2nd. Rd. 36th Pick San Francisco 49ers 

3. Mecole Hardman  Georgia WR 2nd. Rd. 56th Pick Kansas City Chiefs

4. Hakeem Butler Iowa St. 4th Rd. 103rd Pick Arizona Cardinals 

5. Bisi Johnson Colorado St. 7th. Rd. Minnesota Vikings 

6. Penny Hart Signed FA/ Indianapolis Colts

7. Damarkus Lodge FA/ Tampa Bay Buccaneers  

8. Joel Blumenthal FA /Kansas City Chiefs

9. Jalen Guyton FA/Dallas Cowboys  

10. Trinity Beason FA/Denver Broncos 

11. Emanuel Hall FA/Chicago Bears  

12. Jaylen Smith FA/Baltimore Ravens 

13. Davion Davis FA/ Minnesota Vikings 

14. Keenan Brown FA/L.A. Rams

15. Jakhari Dillard FA/L.A. Chargers  

16. Jon’vea Johnson FA/DALLAS COWBOYS  

17. Jakobi Meyers FA/ NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS  

18. Juston Christian FA/Baltimore Ravens  

19.  James Brania FA/ Tennessee Titans 

David Robinson